The Ghetto VC

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The Ghetto VC

Garry Johnson III
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About the eBook

"The Ghetto VC" is a step-by-step guide on building an abundance mindset, and investing like a venture capitalist. Author, Garry Johnson III, is an award-winning entrepreneur, adjunct professor, angel investor, and startup advisor. He supports a global community of underrepresented founders through his nonprofit, and is building pathways to wealth for all through his company, Bison Venture Partners. To date, Garry has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, raised capital from 100+ investors, and built an investment portfolio of more than a dozen private companies. Through "The Ghetto VC," Garry outlines his thought process & investment strategy, while sharing accessible resources to help everyday people build wealth for themselves.

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  1. Understand Your “Why”
  2. Know the Rules & Regulations
  3. Set a Measurable Goal
  4. Find New Opportunities
  5. Analyze Interesting Deals
  6. Do Your Due Diligence
  7. Create Your Own Opportunities
  8. Manage Your Expectations
  9. Build Your Portfolio
  10. Support Your Investments
  11. Track Your Performance
  12. Get Others to Join You!
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You'll learn how to...

Invest in Technology Startups & Small Businesses
Earn Passive Income as an Angel Investor
Build Generational Wealth with Your Friends & Family
Become an Owner in Your Community
Start Investing with Just $100


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