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Introduction to Angel Investing (Self-Guided Course)


Dear Community,

I'm excited to share that anyone interested in taking our highly requested "Introduction to Angel Investing" course can now view all 10 previously-recorded lectures directly on Gumroad! Its more important than ever for us to empower a new generation of angels (both accredited and non-accredited) to accelerate the growth of promising businesses during these increasingly challenging times. History shows us that many of today's strongest companies were built during economic downturns, but not without the help of angels lending their social and financial capital. Through teaching this course, and making it more accessible than ever, the team behind Bison Venture Partners is continuing our mission to educate 10,000 new angels over the next decade.

We hope you enjoy!
- Garry Johnson III

About the Course

Welcome to the world of angel investing, a journey that extends beyond mere financial transactions to becoming a catalyst for innovation, change, and growth. This course, "Introduction to Angel Investing," is not just an exploration of investment strategies but a deep dive into the transformative power of angel investing. Here, you'll learn to see opportunities where others see challenges and to build wealth that extends its benefits beyond yourself, impacting communities and shaping futures.

Introduction to Angel Investing is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to start their journey of angel investing in technology startups and small businesses. Join a community of wealth builders investing in early-stage companies with the potential to generate outsized returns!

*Note: This is a 10-part course, with all pre-recorded lectures accessible after purchase.

Meet Your Instructor

Garry Johnson III is an award winning startup founder and nationally recognized ecosystem builder working to build a more inclusive and equitable innovation economy. He’s been recognized as a Delaware Business Times 40 Under 40 honoree, HBCUvc & Hen Hatch Pitch Competition Winner, StartupAfrica Youth Entrepreneur of the Year, and Entrepreneurial Leadership Award Recipient, and achieved many other other accolades.

Garry serves as Founder & Managing Partner at Bison Venture Partners, a firm on a mission to empower a new generation of owners and angel investors. He also serves as the President of First Founders Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to lower barriers to entry and increase the likelihood of success in the innovation ecosystem. The organization helps early-stage entrepreneurs launch successful startups through accelerator programs, community support, and access to resources. First Founders has supported 300+ entrepreneurs from around the world, who've raised $500k+ in non-dilutive funding, and more than $3 million in venture capital.

Table of Contents

  1. Lecture 1: Understanding Your "Why"
    • Focus: The importance of understanding the personal motivations behind becoming an angel investor. Emphasis on shifting mindsets to invest in high-quality deals and building wealth for broader community impact.
  2. Lecture 2: Know The Rules & Regulations
    • Focus: Understanding the legal and regulatory framework of angel investing. Discussion on accredited vs. non-accredited investors, risk factors, and the changes brought by the JOBS Act.
  3. Lecture 3: Form C's & "Testing The Waters"
    • Focus: The legal process of startups raising funds through Form C filings and the concept of "Testing The Waters" for gauging investor interest.
  4. Lecture 4: Set A Measurable Goal
    • Focus: The importance of setting clear, measurable investment goals. Strategies for building a diverse portfolio and setting targets for investment returns.
  5. Lecture 5: Finding New Opportunities
    • Focus: How to discover new investment opportunities in private markets, focusing on platforms like WeFunder, Republic, and StartEngine.
  6. Lecture 6: Analyze Interesting Deals & Doing Your Due Diligence
    • Focus: Methods for analyzing potential investment deals and the importance of conducting thorough due diligence on startups.
  7. Lecture 7: Create Your Own Opportunities
    • Focus: Encouraging proactive involvement in sourcing and creating investment opportunities, emphasizing community-based investment approaches and equity crowdfunding.
  8. Lecture 8: Manage Your Expectations
    • Focus: Realistic expectations in angel investing, understanding the likelihood of startup failures, the importance of a diversified portfolio, and the long-term perspective required for investing in startups.
  9. Lecture 9: Build Your Portfolio & Support Your Investments
    • Focus: Strategies for building a diversified investment portfolio, considering different industries and stages of company development. Additionally, ways to actively support investments beyond financial contributions.
  10. Lecture 10: Track Your Performance & Get Others To Join You
    • Focus: Importance of tracking investment performance over time using tools like KingsCrowd. Encouraging community involvement in angel investing, and the benefits of cooperative economics in investment.
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Introduction to Angel Investing (Self-Guided Course)

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